How Best to Use This Site

Create your profile giving as much information as you can. This will help others to make the correct assessment about you. It is better to know all the facts at the beginning than half way through the negotiations. Remember, you are engaged in the search for a partner. Do not treat this search lightly. Take some time to think through what you want to say about yourself. The time spent in creating your profile is time well spent.

You can register free to browse the profiles. Upgrade it to a higher level in order to look at the detailed profile and to convey your interest. Upgrading to a higher level gives you the opportunity to make better use of this site.

Please upload your photo. A picture is better than thousand words. Make sure that your photo shows you in a positive light. More people tend to look at a profile when there is a photo attached to it. Please do not upload someone else’s photo. It defeats the purpose of your intentions. When the truth comes out you will be labelled a liar and a cheat.